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About Us

About UniqueTrip

UniqueTrip is an online travel agency specialised in providing quality services to help you find and purchase flight tickets, hotel accommodation, car rental, transfer, as well as tours & activities worldwide. Our goal is to ensure excellent customer experience and offer innovative tools and services to simplify the process of finding, planning and purchasing the right product at the lowest price. Our team consists of experienced agents with excellent knowledge of the travel market, as well as the special needs of the modern traveller.

Book in absolute safety and convenience using UniqueTrip’s reliable services. We have made sure that you will be completely satisfied.

UNIQUE TRIP.com is one-stop online shop for first-class travelling solutions,Our official website is providing their wide clientele base with nothing less but the best of travelling products. UNIQUE TRIP is a US based company with corporate offices in Canada and India.

Unique Trip boasts of a team of global travel specialists and Internet technology professionals who, when working together, come up with the most extraordinary ideas that provide excellent travel solutions. Not only does the company’s power workforce establish close relationships with the clients to ensure that they get exactly what they want in terms of travelling with ease and utmost comfort, we are likewise available 24/7 for any queries, suggestions, and any other support that the same clients may have regarding their travelling plans. This shouldn’t be a surprise when the company has high regard for values such as excellence, integrity, and maintaining focus on the customers.