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Flourish by leaps and bounds with Unique Trip

Leverage the technology and brand of the World’s largest online travel agent, Unique Trip, to give your users the widest choice of travel products by featuring our links on your site.

How it will benefit you?

Each travel product booked through a referral from your site earns you a commission. Eligible products include:

  • Flights.
  • Hotel stays.
  • Holiday packages.
  • Join one of our networks today. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email message with links that you can place on your site.
  • 100% private label service: your brand, your customers, your marketing revenues.

What we do

We deliver great hotel deals to your customers and great profits to you.

Why join us?

  • Travel is the most popular online purchase in India – earn money through selling travel.
  • Maximise your earning potential by working with the growing firm in the world’s largest travel agent.
  • Enhanced content – offer your users our full service travel booking functionality.
  • Easy integration – our Affiliate Programme is simple and easy for you to implement.
  • Real-time updated reporting provided by your chosen network.
  • Wide selection of linking options – Unique Trip has many different links for you to use.
  • High Income

    Get up to 80% from revenue for each sale. The more you sale, the higher is your income.


How can I join the Affiliate Program?

Joining the Unique Trip Affiliate Program is easy. Just fill the Affiliate Registration form and we will start processing your application. We will also review your site and notify you of your acceptance in to the program. If you have any other question, or require more information, please write to us at info@uniquetrip.com.